Enterprise holds the responsibility for creating profits, to shareholders and to employees, bears legal responsibility, but at the same time, it also undertake the responsibility to the community and the environment for the consumer.  Corporate’s  social responsibility requires enterprises to go beyond profit as the only goal just like the traditional philosophy, but to emphasize the attention to personal value in the process of production, to put emphasis on contribution to consumers, social and environment. Greenjoy not only shoulders the responsibility of promoting golf, also shoulders responsibility to employees, customers, business partners and other stakeholders. We adhere to the values of justice and social responsibility, we would like to make the harmonious development of the company a promoter for our implementation of social responsibility, and relying on the professional and technical personnel of the company plus our resource advantage, to promote collaborative innovation for public welfare,  and together with our partners, to jointly cope with complex problems and challenges faced by society, and to boost the development and popularity of golf in China.

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