We are seeing a world of economic globalization, regional economic integration, and the pulse of every part of the world is closely related together through economy.  Inescapable globalization trend for enterprises is not only an opportunity, but also a challenge.  How to grasp the trends of world economic development, have a developing international look at their own advantages and disadvantages, through reform and innovation, promote the development of enterprise itself, keep an impregnable position in the big tide of market competition, is a big topic, also a major challenge. Innovation for a country, or a nation is the soul of the development and progress and the inexhaustible driving force.  for an enterprise it is the necessary source for keep going forward.  Innovation is all about the courage to break through the enterprise's own limitations, expelling the untimely old way and regulations, creating more new measures for the new system to satisfy the needs of the market, stepping ahead of the very front of the trend of the time, and to win the fierce market competition.

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